Do you Do Dev?

Well we do. We are a long term team of long term developers. We have a vision of how to help others do better and easier development. To be better developers.

This is it. Here it comes.

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The set of instructions, normaly in a programming language, that become a program which will proform or complete a specific task.


The process of taking existing projects and making something different from them. The creation of a entirely new project from the original code base.


We code with the constant concern for security. All decisions revolve around the mantra of 'user first'. Data must belong and be controled by the user.

Frequently asked questions, Really?
Yes really. We get this one a lot. '.dev' is the domain extension owned by google aimed at developers and developement. You can get them at They are fully qualified and work exactly like any other domain name.
Why the secrecy?
Well in this day and age secrecy is very needed. It's hard for a small group of dedicated people to build a competitive service these days. Too many very large companies will snag the good ideas!
What areas are you working on?
We can't really say. But :-) here are some of our registered domains:,,,,,,,,,,, That help?
When will everything by finished?
Never! We will start releasing blocks and APIs during the summer of 2023. We hope to have all major segments out by the 4th quarter 2023. But we will never be FINISHED!
Are you hiring?
Yes we are! If you are the best. Really the best, please contact us!

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